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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) - symptoms of anemia

Anemia and autoimmune disease What is?Anemia is the result of variations in blood hemoglobin decreased. Autoimmune process (the process of attacking its own immune system cells), one of which is anemia caused by various reasons. Hemoglobin, anemia before and had dropped, and red blood cells as a result of the autoimmune process vulnerable.
Do you experience the process like?AIHA (autoimmune hemolytic anemia), the onset of symptoms of anemia, red blood cells as a result of the immune system itself is broken or a decrease of hemoglobin. As a result of being attacked by its own immune system to detect red blood cells as foreign cells and normal red blood cells mistakenly (analysis) will be cut and damaged. AIHA most unexplained. That warm-type AIHA AIHA (warm type AIHA) AIHA and cold type (cold type AIHA) of two types.
How the symptoms of AIHA?Most patients with AIHA, the last light level, in particular the destruction of red blood cells, has no symptoms. However, if the process is fast and heavy, then (mild jaundice), anemia and there will be yellow. This process continues for several months - a few months of the spleen, leading to larger and discomfort in the stomach full.
AIHA can be cured like?The action has not been treating the symptoms of mild AIHA when the symptoms when you need to corticosteroid therapy in order to attenuate the immune system, antibodies produced by the body and looks very realistic. If treatment is successful, the spleen to destroy red blood cells can reduce the number of (splenectomy) will be taking. And distributes the hit to the immune system antibodies that can not eat properly and mute output both when these doctors.
Check to find What is AIHA?
The required inspection and testing of diagnostic testing to monitor disease AIHA progresivitas. AIHA examination of suspicion toward physicians, complete blood tests, retikulosit total (red blood cells, immature imatur /), and the percentage of blood and urine bilirubin. Inspection AIHA, namely Tesutokumu (direct Coomb test), but you can verify that the testing of antibodies to red blood cells. Tests to monitor the success of treatment, blood tests are completed and the total proportion of bilirubin retikulosit.

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